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The coding journeys are presented in a game environment for teachers to learn various coding concepts.
3D assets, characters, animations and a storyline are utilized throughout the adventures and missions to offer an engaging experience for the learner.

In the RoboGarden course, teachers will engage in fun and interactive activities to learn the fundamental concepts of programming. Teachers will play the role of the student by building code using blocks, Python and JavaScript to achieve missions.

Engage in immersive and rewarding learning experience

A RoboGarden instructor will guide the teacher thru tutorials as they play the online ‘Coding Game’ themselves, demonstrating how a teacher will ultimately monitor progress of a student in the classroom. The teacher will be exposed to video case studies from RoboGarden coding classes and coding camps to learn how to engage students thru funny activities and competitions.

Each teacher will get one-to-one coaching session before end of the program by RoboGarden training team. RoboGarden is trusted by the American initiative of HourOfCode and the Canadian initiative of CanCode.

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